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jbm patrol and protection officer Some of the best-trained officers in the security industry work for JBM. We take great pride in the security officers we employ and in how we match them to our valued customers. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured, and led by an executive management team of police officers.

JBM does thorough background checks, drug screening and pre-employment tests, following standards more stringent than state standards in hiring our officers. We guarantee our security officers speak English; can read, write and communicate with the public; have a valid driver’s license; and have completed our basic training. JBM ensures that our security officers understand their role, respect authority, understand use of force and are familiar with all laws pertaining to their profession. More than 90% of our armed security officers have completed police recruit school and are part-time or retired police officers.

Our motto at JBM Patrol & Protection Corp. has always been Our Client Comes First. We continually strive for a level of responsiveness, service and professionalism that meets and exceeds customer expectations.



The world can be a dangerous place. As a business owner or decision maker you’re most likely searching for ways to keep your customers, employees, visitors and assets safe. A professional guard force is the perfect approach to procuring peace of mind. Here are a few benefits of hiring an experienced guard force.


Simply put, uniformed guards will deter crime. Even if an audacious criminal decides to target one of our clients, they’ll be noticed. JBM guards are trained to spot suspicious behavior.

Handling Criminals

After identifying a criminal there are several options. The response from our guards depends on the wishes of that particular client. Would you like us to merely document and call law enforcement? Or would you rather we detain the offender until police arrive? Our guards are thoroughly trained in every response method. Clients can also choose whether or not they’d like an armed patrol response.


JBM guards can perform services other than patrolling. Keeping people out of restricted areas, video surveillance, access control, and checking credentials can all be integrated into a client’s protective services plan.