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JBM Patrol & Protection’s Roving Patrol

When James Mankowski was in the planning stages of JBM Patrol & Protection Corp., he noticed the rise in criminal activity and created a need for low cost yet effective ways to implement a successful security curriculum for various clients. He comprised a mobile patrol and alarm response team to fulfill the needs of clients that desire maximum protection at a minimal cost. This patrol division has expanded rapidly due to the popularity of these services and the practicality of this type of security. The basic components of our mobile patrol are highly visible vehicles and well-trained experienced patrol officers. Every vehicle that is in our fleet has been custom designed to fit the "JBM" look. Each officer assigned to patrol undergoes specified training relating to patrol procedures, use of force, building searches and other topics pertaining to this area of security. The mobile patrol operates in a simple fashion, which maximizes the services offered to our clients. Once you are an active patrol or alarm response client, our officers will patrol your account by vehicle and foot. These officers check doors, windows, fencing and the general conditions of the property relating to security aspects. If the officers were to find a problem with an account, they would radio into our 24-hour dispatch center and report their findings to the dispatcher. In turn, the dispatcher is instructed to contact a supervisor and the client for further information and appropriate actions to be taken in this situation. The mobile patrol is a low cost and effective way to secure your property while you are away from your business. In addition, this patrol takes away the added risk of clients responding to alarms unarmed and unfamiliar with the potential dangers of burglary situations.


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Many facilities, especially in the multiple unit housing industry, have swimming pools, exercise rooms, laundry facilities and clubhouses that need to be secured or opened at specific times that do not coincide with their hours of operation. We can respond to your property to perform these duties for you. Large office complexes, hotels, and firms without standing guard can also benefit from these services as the opportunity for unsecured doors is increased proportionately by the differing schedules of the people inside. We do ask that you allow us a window of time for completion as there are most likely several other customers requesting service during the same time period.

Verified alarm response/patrol

For our clients and other alarm companies, we can immediately dispatch a security officer in a marked JBM Patrol & Protection squad car to investigate the source of the alarm, contact the local police, if needed, contact our client with the results, and secure the building on behalf of the client. This service eliminates the necessity of client response and greatly reduces the clients' liability in having an employee respond. Best of all, we can offer this service at a very minimal monthly fee. Roving patrol services provided by JBM Patrol & Protection are an effective way for any business that needs for security services, while effectively reducing their cost of providing a safe and secure environment.

Noise/nuisance complaints

This service focuses on the contact and resolution of noise/nuisance complaints. This allows customer management to remain somewhat separate from the risk and ill will associated with acting on these types of complaints. We will contact the reported offender(s) and the complainant(s). The offender will be informed that they are disturbing the neighbors and they will be asked to cease the activity causing the problem. Our report to you will help in any dispute cases should the need to evict the tenant arise.