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JBM Special Protection Agents Providing a Full Array of Armed Guard Services

When you need an armed guard and only a special protection agent will do, contact JBM Patrol & Protection Corp.

Using experienced officers, we match your assignment's unique needs with the best qualified armed protection. Whether it is executive protection, event security or specialized physical security, our special protection agents save you worry and get your job done right.

For customers in need of more authority, we provide armed, active-duty special protection agents. Our uniformed officers serve in on-going or regularly recurring assignments at the same location.

Workplace Security Through JBM
Disruptions in the workplace, whether from one potentially dangerous employee, group layoffs, or a menacing work stoppage, all need security that comes from having an increased security presence. JBM provides special protection agents to protect your business and workers from hostile employees or risky labor disruptions. JBM officers are armed and can either be highly visible or stationed discreetly.

JBM Patrol & Protection contributes to your workplace safety and security through the presence of uniformed officers and our experienced management and coordination.

Our special protection agents have received their training from veteran U. S. Department of Defense Agents who, over the decades we have trained thousands of men and women who have protected world leaders, celebrities, executives, royalty, religious leaders and politicians. For several years our trainers have reserved seats in every training class for army and marine protective personnel and in the first Gulf War we trained military personnel who protected the top military commanders. Our team has trained with dozens of people currently protecting civilians, officials and military commanders in Afghanistan, Iraq and other international "hot spots."

Executive Security with JBM Patrol & Protection
JBM Patrol & Protection understands that the personal safety of executives and protecting corporate events are high profile responsibilities. They require a superior level of security to ensure peace of mind. JBM delivers that level of security with special protection agents protecting executives, key personnel, corporate functions and events.

We provide executive security in transit, at home, office and at event locations. Our protection agents are armed, and can be in uniform or plainclothes.

The presence of JBM's special protection agents protects your executives, VIPs and employees and makes them feel safer and more secure.