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JBM Patrol & Protection Corporation Ownership

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to learn about JBM Patrol & Protection Corp., a police officer, locally owned and operated contract security guard service firm. I am dedicated to the success of my customers, my employees, my company and our communities. I am committed to: the respect and fair treatment of all people, honesty and integrity, continuous improvement, taking ownership and the progression of the private security industry.  It is my quest to provide the best security guard services in the cities we serve. I do just that by offering protective services of the future with values of the past. I know and understand the fundamentals of providing superior customer service, I hold myself to high standards and keep my word.
Choosing a security guard service company is an important decision.  Making the right choice may seem simple, but there are several factors you’ll want to consider to ensure you get the proper service company for your needs. 

Training: JBM security officers are trained by current law enforcement and former military professionals. Our unarmed officers receive 32 hours of initial training with 8 hours of classroom, 16 hours of field training, and 8 hours of self-defense, and use of force training. Supervisors hired or appointed after November 1, 2012, must successfully complete the Certified Protection Officer (CPO) certification program within the first eighteen months of employment. The CPO program is a correspondence course that contains comprehensive material covering 35 functional areas of private security. The certification examination contains 310 true / false and multiple choice questions. Our armed officers are required to complete a 40 hour basic state approved firearms course in addition to the 32 hours of initial training and a successful completion of the Certified Protection Officer program. Unarmed officers must complete 8 hours of annual in-service training while armed officers must complete 12 hours in addition to range qualifications. Current or prospective clients may attend any academy style class when in session or examine the class curriculum.

Credentials: JBM Patrol & Protection Corp. is a corporation authorized to do business in Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, and Mississippi.  My security guards are licensed by the state where they work and are required to pass a comprehensive pre-employment background investigation.  

Appearance: would-be criminals or unruly patrons judge the security guards working your property based upon their appearance; you should do the same.  A well-groomed security officer in a pressed uniform is someone who cares about their job and will be more likely to pay attention to detail while on duty.  What this means for you is an officer more likely to find maintenance issues and security deficiencies before they become a bigger problem.  I demand a professional appearance from all JBM command and security staff.  

Ownership: I have spent my entire adult life as a private security executive and as a police officer. I believe owners of private security firms should be held to a higher standard within society; be honest at all costs, not have arrest records, criminal histories or be law enforcement washouts. It is important to know where your security force comes from, as they will have access to your property and are a reflection of your business.

With JBM Patrol & Protection Corp. you receive trained, qualified security officers and excellent professional service. Through our experience and dedication, I am able to offer this personal guarantee: I personally guarantee my security officers, their performance, and your complete satisfaction.  I have a passion for what I do and would like to earn your business as I know I will exceed your expectations.