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History of JBM Patrol & Protection Corporation

Jim Mankowski was introduced to the security industry by his father at the age of 12. Since then he had always aspired to own his own company and, as a result, established JBM Patrol & Protection Corporation in 1990, 16 days after his 18th birthday. At the time, Jim was the youngest security company owner in the state of Wisconsin. After seeing several undertrained and unkempt contract security guards he knew he could do better. Mr. Mankowski rented a one room office in Madison, Wisconsin and set out in the business community with a retired Madison Police squad car and a voice activated pager. Mr. Mankowski's mission was and continues to be, "Provide our customers with security personnel who are competent, trained, capable, and customer service oriented."

In the beginning, JBM Patrol & Protection set out to offer only high-end armed guard and patrol services. In 1991, a property manager approached JBM Patrol & Protection with a challenging security assignment in a troubled apartment community, Sommerset Circle, in the Town of Madison, Wisconsin. As it turned out, there were many of them in the area. These crime-ridden communities had tried it all: off-duty police, major name private security firms, smaller security firms, but none provided any real or lasting reduction in crime. With other security agencies focusing on low-risk assignments in high- income areas, these distressed neighborhoods seemed all but forgotten. JBM Patrol & Protection accepted the challenge and approached the job with novel strategy, considering it a mission to solve problems rather than just a post to observe and report. Instead of monitoring gatehouses and policing residents, JBM Patrol & Protection employed innovative intervention strategies and proactive networking with law enforcement, residents, and families.

Along the way JBM Patrol & Protection has faced resistance from others within the industry who has no interest in stepping up and joining forces to make improvements, but has also gained support from those who understand change is necessary and results in better protection for the public. For twenty plus years JBM Patrol & Protection's founder, leaders and practitioners have worked tirelessly to promulgate higher standards and better laws and spearhead change within the industry. From day one, JBM Patrol & Protection's building block belief has been that the first line of defense for meeting clients' security needs is to screen the officer. JBM Patrol & Protection has set the standard high by requiring all officers to undergo and pass a number of public safety training courses. Over its lifespan, JBM Patrol & Protection has allocated a great deal of resources, intellectual and monetary alike, to ensure the right officers are placed in the field and will live up to our standards.

JBM Patrol & Protection has experienced tremendous growth and transformation since its inception over two decades ago. Heading into yet another evolution, marked by even more growth and expansion into new cities and uncharted territory, we are committed to principles of leadership and virtues that will ensure the continued stability of its culture and its operation. Forging ahead, JBM Patrol & Protection will remain a foremost protective services firm, deeply committed to the science, development and application of security solutions.