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History of JBM Patrol & Protection Corporation

JBM Patrol & Protection Corporation was established in 1990 in Madison Wisconsin by James Mankowski and the company still bears his name. Throughout the history of the Company the original founder, recognized a quality void in the security industry and the need for a high-end service alternative. JBMs mission was and continues to be, "Provide our clients with the highest-level security personnel who are, trained, capable, and customer service oriented."

JBM Patrol & Protection’s currently services a wide variety of Corporate, Commercial and Industrial clients. Our clients include major hospital, large retailers, banking entities and multiple municipal agencies.

The company has developed three major business line of service. Our Uniformed Protection Division provides permanent on-site uniformed security staffing solutions. Our on-site uniformed officers are highly trained and capable of providing the service that both JBM and the customer expect. These officers are supervised by a management team of JBM professionals who understand that security should enhance an organizations business objective, not deter them. The Alarm Division offers alarm response and reporting services to multiple alarm monitoring agencies as well as to a large number of private entities. Over the course of a year our officers respond and investigate thousands of private and industrial alarms. JBM’s Patrol Division provide motorized patrol services to over 300 business customers in four major cities. Patrol services primarily occur after business hours and include employee escorts, interior and exterior property patrols, parking lot checks and property lock / un-locks. Our business hour patrol services provide banking pick-ups and drops, USPS pick-ups and deliveries, courier services and summons service. A critical component of success in all our business lines.

For twenty plus years JBM Patrol & Protection's has worked tirelessly to promulgate higher standards and better laws and spearhead change within the industry. From day one, JBM Patrol & Protection's building block belief has been that there are customers in need of a highly capable and dedicate security service provider, JBM Patrol & Protection is that company.