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Why Hire JBM Patrol & Protection?

JBM takes pride in the security officers we employ and assign to our customers. We provide quality customer service and match security officers to assignment in which he/she is best suited. JBM does thorough background checks and never employs security officers with felony records or a questionable employment history. We guarantee our security officers speak English, can read, write and communicate with the public, have a valid driver’s license, and have completed our basic training.  We guarantee our security officers understand their role in society, respect authority, understand what use of force is, and have a familiarity with the laws pertaining to their profession and client expectations.  Uniformed Officers will be in the proper uniform and will be two-way radio equipped.
Our executive management team is comprised of police officers.  James B. Mankowski, President, leads the Madison and Milwaukee offices and is an active part-time sworn police officer.   Randy Olson, General Manager, is a retired City of Minneapolis Police Sergeant.  The values these men hold are passed along to watch commanders, administrative staff, and line officers. JBM Patrol & Protection offers the most thoroughly screened, best trained, and most strictly supervised officers. More applicants fail than pass our pre-employment tests, which include drug screening. We provide both armed and unarmed security officers, depending on your need. All officers have passed our rigorous standards, which are more stringent than the state standard tests. Tests include a psychological examinations designed to determine whether he/she has the proper temperament to handle a deadly force incident. Over 90% of our armed security officers have completed police recruit school and are part-time or retired police officers.

JBM Areas of Expertise

The JBM Patrol & Protection management team always puts our customers comes first.  We understand the importance of value, customer service, image, and protective services.  Our executive management staff has a law enforcement background which is extremely helpful, as our security officers can rely on them for their experience, leadership, and training.   Most importantly, our management team upholds the standard of treating others the way in which they would like to be treated.

Our motto at JBM has always been Our Client Comes First. This belief has helped JBM surpass all standard contract security expectations. We recognize that the needs of our clients vary, so we remain flexible when determining how to serve each client. Our client retention business strategy lets us offer competitive rates while still maintaining the highest standards in the security industry.