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Responsiveness and Dependability are two qualities that differentiate JBM from multinational private security firms, and smaller security companies. The larger companies often lack responsiveness while smaller ones do not have the resources to be as dependable or as effective as JBM. Our hands-on management team and extensive field supervision force are structured to react quickly, knowledgeably and effectively to any security challenge or concern. Choosing JBM Patrol & Protection means our exemplary staff of security officers will deliver an unsurpassed level of responsiveness and dependability that you can rely on.

Trained, Trustworthy Security Officers

Once JBM security officers pass our screening and training requirements, they are assigned to a Field Training Officer where they will receive additional training specific to the sites they will be protecting. 

Back-Up Security Officers

JBM Patrol & Protection assigns back-up security officers for every facility. Most security service companies fail to do this because of the time and expense involved. At JBM Patrol & Protection we feel it is essential to make sure that the security officer protecting your facility is prepared to the job well and he will spare no expenses to do it.

Regular Supervision

JBM Patrol & Protection's supervisors visit or contact every security officer on every shift. During these visits, the supervisor and security officer tour the facility and the supervisor tests the security officers on their knowledge, as well as general security knowledge and JBM Patrol & Protection policies and procedures.
Supervision is an integral part of any successful security program. At JBM Patrol & Protection we believe that great supervision should combine the elements of support, guidance and development. Supervision must be given the education and training to assess and understand each situation, the authority to make the appropriate decision, and the support to enforce the decision with the client and the corporate office.

Inspection Criteria:

Field Supervision Team

Due to JBM’s philosophy on Supervision, all accounts have access to our 24/7 Field Supervision Team. This Supervision Team is accessible to each security officer in the field, ensuring all officers are in compliance with client requests.

At JBM, we recognize that the oversight by one manager is never enough, since failure on any security contract could be costly and dangerous.
Our Supervision Team performs unannounced inspections round-the-clock. Their inspections will confirm that our personnel are present at their assigned posts. Furthermore, by shadowing individual employees, checking activity logs, engaging in role-play exercises, and/or simply conversing with personnel, the Supervision Teams inspections confirm that our on-site teams are executing assignments in accordance with our client’s requirements. Up to 100 such inspections are performed every week.