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Professionalism at JBM Patrol & Protection

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Professional security officers have a responsibility that reaches beyond making sure that no crimes are committed or ensuring the safety of individuals, these responsibilities range from physical security to friendliness to maintaining a low profile.

JBM security guards project authority, professionalism, and confidence. Our uniforms closely resembles those of law enforcement; including a metal badge, brass nametag, shoulder patches, and their appropriate rank. JBM Patrol officers are required to wear a full duty belt; including handcuffs, flashlight, and communications. Qualified officers may also carry a firearm, O.C. (pepper) spray, an electronic weapon, and/or an expandable baton. JBM Patrol is proud to provide quality professional security services.

Our unique combination of professional capabilities: experience, training, knowledge, and management, allow JBM Patrol & Protection Corp. to provide exemplary professional security services for your protection needs and peace of mind.

Good Judgment and Common Sense at JBM

No matter where a security officer is employed, good judgment and common sense should always be part of the job. In a department store, JBM security guards position themselves in areas where they can observe suspected thieves without being noticed. At check in points, JBM security officers make no exceptions for anyone entering or exiting the building without proper identification. It's also important for security officers to know when to get involved with a possible criminal situation and when to involve the police.

JBM Policy on Following Directions

Because JBM security officers are employed by outside entities and are not law enforcement officials, being able to follow directions accurately and completely is a requirement. If they are told to be stationed in a particular area of the business they are securing or to greet everyone entering in a specific way, they will do so according to our client’s direct orders. If a crime is committed and the police are called, JBM security officers will assist the police in the same way in which they would take orders from their client or commanding officer.