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Post Orders with JBM Patrol & Protection

Post Orders with JBM Patrol & Protection
Training at a guard post and the operational excellence of its security staff is in large measure based on the quality and completeness of the post orders. Post orders also serve as the foundation for on the job, in-service and emergency response training and provide a means to avoid, mitigate and defend liability claims.

JBM invests significant time in learning every aspect of the sites where we will provide physical security coverage. This process includes conducting a detailed walk through of each building with the maintenance and management staff in order to construct a comprehensive post orders document that will serve as the basis of superior field and in-service training. We also spend time at each post and learn each piece of security and life safety equipment and, if necessary, write standard operating procedures on how each component works.  And finally, we work with each security officer in learning what they do from their perspective and ask them to review the operating documentation related to their assignment.

JBM’s post orders are divided into nine major sections that include the following:

Our post orders are written in easy to understand language with heavy use of bullets and information in outline form to facilitate use and comprehension. Feedback from management, maintenance and security is integrated into the final version of each post operating manual with frequent updates and information verification.