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JBM Patrol & Protection Field Management Team


Captain Willie Brooks

Willie Brooks was born in Memphis, Tennessee as one of seven siblings. In 1971, he moved to Milwaukee. In 1975, he entered the United States Marine Corps and served as a Military Police Officer.

In 1981, after being honorably discharged from the Marines, he served as a City of Milwaukee Auxiliary Police Officer. His passion for service, and professional skills and 30 years in contract security lead him to become a licensed private detective and private security executive.

Willie is responsible for the administrative and business development functions of JBM Patrol & Protection's Milwaukee office.

Lieutenant Steven Kolb

Steven Kolb joined the private security industry in 1984. He earned his police science degree from Madison Area Technical College and spent 17 years as an Emergency Medical Technician for the Village of Waunakee. Steven joined JBM during the summer of 1991. Since joining JBM, he has worked at just about every job site and has spent more than a decade as the third shift patrol Operations Supervisor. Steve's responsibilities include recruiting and staffing, organization development, employment and compliance to regulatory concerns, employee orientation, compensation and benefits administration, and employee services and counseling.

Lieutenant Robert D. Baverstock

Robert D. Baverstock was born in Long Island, New York, the oldest of three children. His father had gone to college at the University of Wisconsin Madison and in 1979 the family moved from the east coast to live in Dane County.

Robert graduated Oregon Senior High School in 1989 and immediately entered the work force while going to Madison Area Technical College full time, earning an Associate’s Degree in Science in 1991.

In 1997 Robert joined an up and coming security company, JBM Patrol & Protection, making lifelong friends and learning the basics of professional security, customer relationships and honorable service.

Robert continued his focus on customer relations, security and business management in call center management, spending years working for a global telecom in support of both corporate billing and technical support aspects where he gained valuable insights as an employee, administrator for quality assurance and manager of high end customer billing dispute resolution.

Robert brings a deep knowledge of culture and relationship management as well as change management to the table and has helped with initiatives to improve Officer Retention, knowledge and support structures as well as client satisfaction and retention.

Lieutenant Shawn Jerrett

Since joining in 2006, Shawn has obtained a great deal of experience and company knowledge. Throughout his tenure with JBM Guard, Shawn has mentored countless officers, has patrolled the high crime neighborhoods of Milwaukee and served as a Field Training Officer in Madison. Today, Shawn is responsible for the day-to-day operations of our Dubuque office. Shawn spends his free time as a volunteer Fire Fighter and helping his friends and family.

Ryan Van Natta, Area Supervisor

Ryan Van Natta was born and raised in Platteville, WI. He attended UW-Platteville for 2 years and then transferred to Southwest Wisconsin Technical College, earned my associate's degree in police science, and graduated the police academy. Previously, he worked loss prevention in Platteville and worked mobile patrol in Madison. He was also the Asset Protection Coordinator for the Portage Walmart for two years.

Ryan is responsible for the oversight of Southwestern Wisconsin and Eastern Iowa assignments. In his spare time, he likes to spend time with his daughters, read, and draw. His future plans are to move up within the JBM organization.

Beth Underwood, Administrator

Beth came to JBM Patrol & Protection as a busy college student in July of 2014 looking for a flexible schedule and a sense of purpose in her employment. She started as a protection officer when she was attending school for her BS in Human Resources and MA in Human Development. Since graduating in June 2015, she has moved into the office as the Human Resources Officer and Administrative Assistant for the Minneapolis/St. Paul Office.

As an office administrator, she wears many hats. You can find her doing interviews and hiring, completing payroll paperwork, drafting letters or proposals for clients, issuing uniforms, following up with employees and even working a site once a week. The variety of her duties keeps her on her toes, just the way she likes it.