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JBM is Licensed, Bonded and Insured

JBM Patrol & Protection Corp. is a licensed provider of contract security guard & patrol services.
Wisconsin, Private Detective Agency # 15093
Minnesota, Protective Agent # 331
Iowa, Private Security Agency # 1059
Illinois, Security Contractor Agency # 122001293
Tennessee, Security Company # 12881

Less than 10% of security guard companies are bonded; JBM is part of that 10%. Bonding is essentially a business liability insurance that lets our clients know if anything goes wrong, JBM has assured money is available to reimbursement claimants.

Other guard services use the word "bonded" in their advertising and do in fact carry a standard fidelity bond; however, this standard fidelity bond protects them only if their employee steals from them. It does not protect them, or their client, if their employee steals from a client or other third party.

A more recent development regarding "bonded" guards has been the introduction of a business services bond or a fidelity bond with a "conviction" clause. This bond extends the standard fidelity bond to include employee theft from third parties; however, it usually includes a clause stating, "In order to protect you and your employees against unjustified allegations of dishonesty, the employee must be convicted before coverage will apply." This clause renders the bond almost useless because convictions are very hard to get; often the guard cannot even be found.

The proper type of insurance to protect both a guard service and a client against a guard's dishonest acts is a third party fidelity bond. With this type of coverage, guards are truly "bonded," and both the guard service and the client's property are insured against a guard's dishonest acts. No prerequisite that a criminal conviction is required, all that is required is an identifiable guard stole a verifiable amount of money, equipment or materials, then the bonding company will pay.

JBM Patrol & Protection's policy limit exceeds the statutory requirements for all classifications. JBM provides each client with a certificate of insurance before
any work is started.