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Field Training with JBM Patrol & Protection

JBM security officers are required to satisfy a minimum of sixteen field training hours. The standards are based on sophistication of post and individual client requirements, some assignments require additional hours.

For each post, a detailed field training checklist is created and used to facilitate a new JBM security officer’s training at the assignment. Each post uses a checklist that is customized for the client while using JBM Patrol & Protection’s base template. The checklist is used to ensure all aspects of an officer’s responsibilities and duties are covered in a consistent manner and within the prescribed time frame as specified by the client. The checklist is used by the designated Field Training Officer (FTO) and covers the following learning categories:

Each category of instruction includes a sign-off by the JBM training lieutenant and the FTO as final documentation that the officer was trained using the field training checklist and within the required training time duration.